A Glimpse of Mobile Marketing Strategies

Posted by: Smartladders | 15-08-2018


There is no luck, only GOOD MARKETING.

Before jumping into the nuances of mobile marketing, let’s just review a glimpse of

The History of Marketing;

Marketing started long back when human begun to invade the world, let’s take a look around on it, selling was more of distribution and communication during late 1900’s, during 60’s it was purely into sales, by late 80’s marketing was merely in R&D, then there comes the digital age which is at its extreme peak now,

Digital age

The digital age is the fastest-growing consumer electronics technology ever. It’s an incredibly exciting space right now. In recent times we reached a tipping point, and mobile became too big to ignore. Everything we know about marketing has to be changed, NO! Also, YES.

We have moved to the era where everything starts and ends up in the mobile phone, nowadays its became A Screen, Screen, Screen World and it’s only the beginning , therefore the marketing way has also been changed its direction towards mobile marketing , it’s a multi-channel digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching the target audience in their mobile phones, tablets which is the primary need of their life through websites, emails, SMS, MMS, social media, and apps .

A mobile-friendly website is no longer an option; it has become the must for running a successful customer base business when everything is being altered to the mobile, it’s witty to take hold of the technology.

The crucial point of the mobile marketing is actually what you serve in the first eight seconds into interaction, its brutally we spend about eight seconds in an Ad to find it whether it’s worth noticing, so whatever the marketing maybe it should convince your customer during the first eight seconds which will lead to the success of your business.

This article will help you to discover how mobile marketing is changing, what it means for the way we think and how best to embrace a screen-led world.

The advantages of mobile marketing is of two ways either you pull people towards your message, or you push your message to them randomly, so there is nothing wasted by investing in mobile marketing, in either of the ways you are actually benefited, there are some common ways to pull people towards your message nor push your message towards them, they are as follows;

Text Messaging;

Pull customers by sending SMS, using text messaging option as a promotional activity by including your offers, numbers and leaving the catchy critical points is the standard way to make people aware of your product. E.g., Ford company has done a message campaign recently, in regards to their new launch of a model, by stating the customers to reply FORD to some xxx number, so that they are aware of the active buyers, here they push their messages and in return pull the efficient buyers.

Multi-media messaging- MMS

MMS is same as of SMS, but an added advantage is here you can send a message which can include pictures, sounds a lot more than a text message, you can pull customers with the same opt-in tactics which are done in SMS strategy.

Mobile email-

Mobile email culture is a common strategy in use, here you can push emails to a database randomly , it’s a try of getting attention from the customers , here we are not much clear about the active buyers , so adding your website link to your mail with short and crisp attractive message along with the contact details , will make it worth , adding on your offers to this mail is an added advantage.

Mobile search and mobile internet-

People tend to search for leads nearby their location, so adding on mobile-friendly maps and direction in your site will make an impact, when people physically check-in your area, you eventually get a lot of contacts through their references.

Mobile internet, you can pull your customers by adding on your website link or by adding barcode, you can opt for QR Code In your advertisements, make sure you have a mobile-friendly content and navigation.

Mobile app’s

The mobile app has become a must to do because most of the browsing is being done via mobile, so make sure you create one efficiently and add it on to the app store and add it in your website for easy recognition.

Mobile advertising-

Pull your customers by making your ad’s visible on different sites, blogs and other areas where there is a right amount of crowd notification; this will help you to get more recognition

Integrate social media adoption

Everyone has some connectivity in some social media forums like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. so adding this to your business profile is an added advantage to pull your customers, these are the productive areas where people notify, so to indulge in such advertising will cause the significant impact of you existing in the market.

These are some of the mobile marketing is being done in general, but marketing is always about creativity, people tend to be attracted which is attractive, these are the mode to reach your customers, but ultimately if you want to get noticed then you have to make a change of creativity to stand alone among the crowd that’s where you get notified and valued.