Why video marketing has an enormous impact on SEO

June 23, 2023
Video Marketing SEO Impact

Search engine optimization is the most vital component in the digital marketing its been emerging in the past two years rapidly and there are a lot of improvisations being added to the search engine optimization in the recent times the impact of video marketing in SEO rankings are being put in the limelight for its specific reasons the significant goals to follow in SEO is to build links and generate social shares by which to increase conversions.

Video marketing is ruling the internet in the recent times. It’s a forward-facing business marketing strategy that engages you and your customers in your marketing campaigns. It can be used for various purpose right from building customer rapport, promotion of your brand,live-stream events and make your business actions viral and entertaining.

Why video marketing has an enormous impact on SEO

According to Cisco, about 80% of the internet traffic will be by video by 2019. So Google started ranking based on the relevancy of the content from the video script

There are ample amount of reasons why the video has a significant impact on SEO

Accessibility towards video is relatively high

Video marketing has a lot of platforms to explore its positivity; the options are endless with the increase in the use of smartphones in the recent year’s things got its place to point plus to reach customers anywhere anytime anyhow. And most importantly its very much cost effective.

Video marketing is effective

The retention rates are comparatively high when taking the records of the recent years combining visual and audio is powerful, and the result driven from this strategy is effective, and that’s the major reason people are driving towards video marketing in the recent years.

Video marketing speaks emotions

Video marketing is more with the organic touch, and people can feel the emotions trying to be displayed from the sender view, the receivers can receive it personally when compared to the other mediums which help effectively.

Why video market will do wonders for SEO Video Content values in Google

Google doesn’t take every content you enter on the internet, it accesses the relevancy of the content and analyses the keywords along with the other media that exists on the internet.

Which means writing the content for video by including the optimization of search and keywords oriented are important to stay ahead of the market.

Traffic to your site increases

The world has begun to use youtube as a search engine thereby providing your product related videos with the inclusion of your sites URL and information will directly fetch crowds to your site directly. It’s an excellent way to expose your business to new audiences. And it works.

Best way to earn links

Having a video on your website will help you to outreach and in link-building, having a compelling, engaging and entertaining video will fetch bloggers and other hosts to link you it their sites. Which is again going to earn links which is the fundamental notion of working on SEO.

Getting noticed in social media

Social media is the most significant platform to fetch productive buyers your video promotion is going to play a prominent role in social media strategy. It’s not the number of crowd in the social media that matters but it will also give a boost to your SEO efforts. The correlation between the shares on the social media and its position in SERPs impacts the rankings.

Types of videos to be created for better results
Corporate Culture

Videos that focus on your business corporate culture will make you look so much professional who will fetch you potential clients, and through this video, you can protect your quality of work, values and overall structure of your company.

Product video

If you are into any product-oriented business, then you can create a product demonstrating video which will be an added advantage to expose your business to a new audience and will keep your business alive and thereby bring in a lot of traffic.


Making tutorials video on showing how to pursue any task is an effective way to attract audience irrespective of any barriers making a video for the tutorial will never be waste of the time it’s going to fetch you audience somehow.


If you are a pretty well-known company and have a strong reputation, you have potentials clients who are in good notes with you and your service get those as testimonial video which will do wonders with the review note.

Video resumes

Trend is changing according to the market, nor the market changes the trend in either way it’s updated now and then, thereby this culture of video form resume took over nowadays people started submitting their resumes for job application in the form of video rather than the old document form to stay ahead in the market and to make a lively feel these videos are produced in a short crisp and innovative way to attract the attention of the crowd.

Final thoughts

Video marketing has its place in the area of SEO strategies its time to concentrate on the tactics and adopt the innovative change for the better results.


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