Why should you automate your email campaigns

June 23, 2023
Automate Email Campaigns

Would you say you spend a great deal of time on repetitive tasks? If you do, it certainly can sound like a nightmare. Hours, days, weeks or even months go by attending to routine activities often regarded as monotonous. However, automating such tasks leads to quality operations, satisfied employees and highly competitive businesses looking to maximise results. Furthermore, it gives you the free time to focus on other valuable tasks at work.

What is marketing automation?

In recent years, marketing automation has tripled due to technological advancements in machine learning. Marketing automation is a software platform that automates all marketing-related processes. For instance, a broad spectrum of repetitive marketing tasks, for example, daily emails, social media posting, and ad campaigns achieve maximum reach and provide a personalised experience to all customers.

Automation can do wonders, from welcome and thank you emails to product recommendations and responding to customer queries.

How does email automation work?

Email marketing is an age-old popular marketing strategy that has evolved for the better over the years. The best return on investment is always from email marketing, which converts manual to automatic emails.

  • You can personalise your message to every subscriber with email marketing campaigns, like first name and company name. Customers love personalisation as emails tend to be far more appealing.
  • Email content tailor-made to a subscriber is more likely to be opened. A personalised subject line creates more interest.
  • You can assess a variety of subscribers.
  • Scheduling your posts or emails months in advance.
  • Also, automation helps create unique content that caters to different subscribers.

One can closely assess the subscriber’s behaviour and the data or the information that the subscriber leaves behind.

Automation in emails allows one to send specific emails targeting a particular segment of subscribers. Therefore, it is essential to send out the right message at the right time while triggering the emails.

Why should we use automation for emails?

Email automation can detect when

  • A visitor has viewed a website but hasn’t contacted the business or made any online purchase.
  • When the potential client visits the company’s social media accounts.

Let’s get started on the benefits that email automation provides

  • Personalised content to a particular recipient can increase transactions as they are more likely to respond to them. These messages usually carry relevant content, ensuring that the email is opened and read.
  • Engaging and encouraging content can enhance user engagement on the website or the app. Users feel encouraged to explore the products and are likely to be potential converts.
  • It helps build a brand between the company and the customer in the long run. Also, with less time spent on manual tasks, one could utilise the time to build in-depth customer relationships.

For a business to be successful, staying connected with its customers is the most crucial. Therefore, investing in email automation tools boosts and empowers your business.

So! why wait when you can create a smart, automated email strategy.


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