What Local Businesses Should concentrate on after Google Shuts Down

June 23, 2023
Local Business Strategy Post-Google

A bug was discovered in March 2018 which gave access to developers for private data of over 500,000 users.

Google+ admits the failure to live up to expectations.

Google+ is shutting down to follow a security breach

Google has a chequered history of trying to force the influence of Google has tried influencing Google+ on its other services, like showcasing search weight behind content author’s G+ profiles via “rel=author” tag and boost the users to ask questions on G+ to highlight latest posts in SERPs. However, that was a failure later.

This update makes it essential to look into your business operations, however technically this will not affect your SEO. However, Google’s impression was in many places so its better into your local business operations.

Things local businesses should look for after Google+ is closing?

Google+ was a part of new social platforms when local business owners were filled with numerous social network apps and wondering what would be the breakthrough hit. Business owners were using every existing profitable social media platform that is right for their businesses.

This sudden shutting down is a reminder that online is temporary you have been saving the best content for Google+ however it’s a good practice to take hold of your website because you have control over it. Then you can move to other social networks.

Concentrate on Google My Business (GMB) Posts

Google My Business posts are getting starting its advisable to get used to it. This may not have the privilege to use content you have been using in Google+. However, you can use 1,500 character per GMB Post which is an excellent opportunity for showcasing a variety of content.

This Won’t affect your local SEO

The impact of G+ in your local SEO in recent years is pretty moderate therefore this new update won’t affect your local SEO consequently you can relax.

Delete the account

Before the platform of Google+ Personal and Business closes its good to save or download everything you would like to save, you can use an official Google Tool named as Google Takeout for

Either you delete your profile or Google removes its but its personally a wise idea to delete your account from the platform that is shutting down.

It’s time to remove social sharing buttons from your site.

Make sure you notify the places Google+ is linked throughout your sites like

Social sharing buttons

The icon on your website

In email signatures

Printed collateral

In-store signage

Explore new local search communities

Its bit sad to see Google+ leaving from the part of favorite local search communities, but look for new communities to follow and to explore the virtual street.

Final words

Google+ helped lot of business owners to connect with their customers in a very much meaningful and engaging way for the past six years that had the ability to boost the local ranking depending on the relevant content people read, which was very helpful to the business people, being said that Google+ is closing next august its critical to understand the instability in the social platforms and look out for some other emerging platforms. However, Google+ will be sorely missed.

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