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June 22, 2023
Voice Search Optimization

The technology has already begun almost more than half of the crowd is accustomed to touching and talking to their smartphones which made the acquaintance with the machine more nuanced and personalized. It has become more convenient for the users to speak to an assistant rather than lengthy typing even the results of voice queries are comparatively faster.

The seismic shift in the technology predicted that more than 50% of the searches would be using voice by 2020. The primary aim of the business owner is to find the potential customer and to advertise your product or service to them. If the consumers are using voice search to get the information then optimizing your sites to voice search becomes the essential factor for your business.

What is voice search?

We have been practiced to ask anything and everything to Google, earlier we type in google to gain information, now voice search is taking over the trend its users using their voice via a device such as a phone or an assistant to make the query in the search engine.

At present voice search has been increased due to the invention of devices such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home and Apple’s Home Pod these inventions made voice search wildly popular and reliable. Voice search has already made its way to our homes, and it’s no more a fascinating alien product.

Difference between traditional search and voice search
Length of the query

When you type your questions earlier, your length of the sentence will be short you may type “new mobiles 2018” however, if you use voice search instead of this short phrase you will ask “what is the newest mobile in 2018?” there is difference in the length of the sentence therefore with voice search the queries are lengthy, and more like a conversation this is the primary factor to keep in mind before you attempt your voice SEO campaign.

There will be more queries-

Since there is no burden of typing people, tend to ask more queries longer essential questions.

Intent will be stronger

There will be many keywords used, but the intent will be strong because they reach your site due to the queries being relevant to your content.

Location signal has a significant impact

Voice search is more tend to be used for the local purpose and be location specific therefore its crucial for every company to optimize location signals.


Keywords have always been the crucial part of SEO, for voice search optimization long-tail keywords becomes essential because when the queries are typed in, we use the shortest sentences to get our information but with voice search optimization you sound more of questioning these voice search devices, nor phones encourage more of a conversational tone.

Therefore, you have to think the search terms people will be likely to ask that your website can answer which will bring searchers to your website.

The Hummingbird update

Google launched a signature algorithm in 2013 which started considering the user intent and contextual meaning of queries. Which made marketers refine their strategy from stuffing keywords to addressing points of their targeted audience.

Whereas this voice technology is an innovative step for improving the user experience which relies on Natural Language Processing to recognize the voice texture, behavior. With time it will be made more improving with language, accent, and other factors.

Voice search is getting into the market, and you must be ready to embrace this change even the smart devices are available for a reasonable price, and in multiple platforms, they will influence a vast shift in search linguistics.

As a business holder, you need to get adapt to the current modern voice search approach to get good rankings and to avoid things getting difficult in getting a relevant audience and to list in the search queries.

Additional information regarding the SEO tactics to be implemented in voice search is explained in detail in the below-given link. get explored with SEO in Voice search.


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