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May 24, 2023
Video SEO YouTube Optimization

YouTube is the second-largest search engine, it owned the most of the videos shared and watched by people in social networks. YouTube has more than 4 billion videos being viewed every day and on average, and videos are being uploaded every minute. When it comes to the video market, YouTube is The Giant!

A YouTube channel acts as a medium for video content; its the place where you can promote and demonstrate your service, product and many more to increase viewership from users around the world. With uncountable number of video options available to watch, since there are uncountable videos and people who produce it prevailing out there, how you are going to make your video outstand than other videos and how are you going to make your video readily available and searchable for users is a big question Thus, comes the Video SEO.

Produce a video for your business, next step is to upload it to your YouTube page which looks very simple but accompany the text to describe and to make users find your video. Describe your video like creating ads you have to write a creative and compelling headline you have to answer the questions like “why to buy” and also select the relevant keywords to get noticed in the search. However, this selection of relevant keywords is something that has to be done while you plan the video, not during the last minute.


Upload video

The significant part and the most accessible part is uploading the video you created to the site. YouTube mostly accepts videos in all formats, but it’s better to double check and also make sure your video is less than 15 minutes usually YouTube doesn’t take longer videos.

By logging into your YouTube account click the Upload button and upload your files you will be notified when the process is complete.


Set a Title and description

When your video is uploaded, you will need a title and short description which will be the information for people who search for the videos and view your video.

The title you give should be precise and catchy something similar to the advertising taglines. This description should provide information to decide to view your video. It will also include the details viewers expect to know more about the product you sell, contact information, website address and more related to your company.


Keywords for Search

Adding a keyword to search is the essential thing, enter tags for the video, separate each tag by a space. A tag is another name for a keyword, and it is as necessary as any keyword you enter in your website.

A tag or a keyword should be a single word or a short phrase that should be the keywords customers use in their search queries when they search for the products and services related to you.

Optimize the tags you enter to your videos its similar to search engine optimization. You can use the Google tool to find the most relevant and useful keyword for the website. Once you find out the most pertinent and likely keywords, you will have the effective tags for your video.

You can use many tags if necessary to capture the possible search words, a total of 500 characters can be used that is. You should include tags for your company name and the topic of the video, along with other potential search terms. By entering those tags, you will drive more traffic.

You can include your most important and relevant tags in your video’s title and description. If someone is primarily searching for a particular word or phrase, the audience will most likely search that word or phrase when audience read about the video. By incorporating those keywords into your description, you can create a natural look and feel.



YouTube also offers the content creators the facility to translate videos into other languages.

This is very useful to publish global content targeting the international audience or when targeting demographically which is different from English.

In most cases, this is not in need but the instruction to do this translation is easy to follow.


Choose a Language

If you upload a video in English, and all your videos are going to be only in English, then select it from the Original language drop-down.

You can also check “Default for new uploads” so that future uploads are automatically subjected in English.


Select a thumbnail image.

you upload your video and you can choose a thumbnail image your viewers will be able to see in YouTube’s search results, on your channel page and wherever your video appears. YouTube automatically shows three images from different points stated in the video, and you have the option to pick the one you believe will attract the most clicks.

The best thumbnails are clear and always subject related generally a person’s face, or a picture of your product will do justice You can also use contrast image or colours.

The use of all these titles, description, tags and thumbnail image  is to make your video visible and viewed by a good number of potential customers. If you add more input and smart work into this process, you’ll get the maximum success rate of your video.


Video Language

This feature is designed to make the right content to meet the right audience. If your video is in English then be cautious to select it


Community Contributions

It’s not ideal to allow viewers to contribute to translated titles, subtitles and description unless it’s a part of a specifically designed feature or campaign.


Video Statistics

There is no real effect on the overall visibility of your video, enable the video statistics in the watch page when audience clicks the chart icon below your video. Which can be turned off or on.


Additional Optimizations All Videos Should Have

Along with the other basic optimization techniques, some more techniques can help your video more visible and also to perform better.

Include a Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

Effect and engagement of many videos end when the video end but offer the viewers clear next steps so that they will

Learn more in regards to the video,

That will make them to come into your website and to learn about your product

Conversion of referral visitor from YouTube

YouTube annotations are a best tool to use for CTAs.


Don’t Try to Oversell Yourself

Generally, YouTube is a place people use to learn and get information from, rarely its used to sell product and establish the brand, therefore, stay in the line and don’t oversell yourself in the market.


Transcribe Your Content

Its often overlooked as extra labor task but it will help search engine for a better understanding of the video and its content in its best way. It’s like crawling the website whereas you can’t crawl the video as you crawl the text.


Distribute Your Content

You just need a good reach, you put effort to get the reach, therefore, share the content across the social channels, communities, forums to increase and extend the reach. Its worth to spend some in it since the more the watch is the better it gets.


There are a variety of factors that will be considered while considering the  YouTube ranking and visibility:

How long a user watches a video

Relevance to the query

A channel with more subscribers will perform better than a channel with lower subscriber this signifies that the channel is the authority on certain topics

Like, dislikes,  comments, subscription indicates that a video is worthy of more number of visibility.

Make it short, simple and effective thereby users will be interested in the content and the real value will be identified.

These optimizations stated above are easy to follow, and helpful when you produce a quality video content that should be distributed and gain the reach.

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