Top Digital Marketing Trends of the Year 2017

May 23, 2023
Digital Marketing Trends 2017

As the Digital Marketing and Social has hit its brim. Digital Marketing has taken the marketing Industry to the something greater. Since the Internet market is changing constantly due to the trends optimized in the digital world. Web Strategies reported that in the past year digital channels experienced huge impact were Social Media marketing, Online display advertising, Email marketing, Mobile marketing and search optimization. Since the Internet trend is changing which will give way to something new one in the upcoming year. This article will let you plan a marketing strategy that will take your company to the next level, we, the best digital marketing agency in chennai, Smartladders made a list of digital marketing trends that will make an impact in the coming year.

Live Video Streaming:

Live Video streaming will take marketing fully to another advanced technology. Facebook and Instagram have already made live video capabilities into their channels to bring out something that has a potential to drive millions of people. The live video stream is developed to share from the presidential video to local news and for personal experience. This will significantly help you to bring your brand awareness and improve customer loyalty and also helps to build your personal relationship with your customers.

Visual Content:

The long tail content like blog posts and media status will no longer exist in the upcoming year. The “Visual Content” will take over the media strategy which will be considered as the main source for driving traffic to your website. Visual Graphics, Infographics and Visual presentation will become the ideal way to generate leads.

Viral Marketing:

“Viral” is one term that has made abducted the Internet till the day. Every company wants their content to pass viral, whatever the content may be, a Video, Image or article. Every digital marketing concern focuses on the viral content to create an Impact on the Internet market which will represent your brand. It depends on the quality of the Content, not the quantity.

Visual Reality:

Visual reality is the trending marketing where you use your technology in the real-time world to give the best user experience to the customers. As predicted, companies will start providing visual reality to their consumers which is a marketing strategy that will change the marketing level.

Digital Marketing trends are changing year by year. Being the most successful digital marketing in Chennai, it’s much important to us to always stay connected with the changing Marketing strategies. The above mentioned digital marketing trends will turn into a greater hit with your consumer and also can yield bigger success to your business. To know more about successful digital marketing strategies.


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