The Biggest Trends of Content Marketing in 2018

May 23, 2023
Content Marketing Trends 2018
Staying on top of latest trends is crucial when it comes to Content Marketing. If you miss attempting keeping your business with present trend, then your brand might be left behind. Staying on top positions in the digital market is not a simple task, perhaps it requires continuous efforts and awareness of what is currently happening in the market. This, in turn, stresses the need to keep abreast of content marketing trends according to the current scenario. Content marketing is all about creating informative yet interesting content that exactly what people want to keep them engaged. Therefore, simply talking about the brand alone may not help to boost your business, perhaps, trying to give some engaging content including video, audio, and useful images are crucial. According to a statistics in 2017, over 60% of B2B businesses reported the content marketing strategies to be effective in promoting their sales and revenue. This statistic ratio is increasing year by year and thus the effectiveness of content marketing is being widely realized by a major number of online businesses across the globe.

Here follow a few remarkable content marketing trends of 2018:

1· Change in format: This implies that a successful content marketing is not just loading your website with readable content, but also provide media files that may interest your audience hugely. Remember, content marketing is now moving beyond blog and thus you need to adopt some new formats like video, graphic designs, audio, and more

2· Transparency: People today expect companies to be transparent and authentic. Therefore, rather than being too promotional, you should also give factual information to the audience.

3· Change the way content is managed: Every business striving hard to sustain in the digital world should consider finding a unique way to represent their message. This emphasizes the need for you to change the way how you develop, deploy, promote and manage the content.

4· Live video: Today there is a huge welcome for live videos among the people as it not only interest them but also enables them to get current information about the happenings. Therefore consider live streams on your portal, which could attract over 80% of active response from the targeted audience.

5· Interactive visual content: This implies virtual reality. Such visual content is certainly engaging and gives completely a different experience for the audience. The trends of content marketing in 2018 does not limit with this, perhaps it widens with the evolution of web technologies and constantly changing expectations of people.

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