The Biggest Problem With SEO How You Can Fix It

June 22, 2023
SEO Problems Fix

It’s very much common nowadays for a website to contain elements that harm or hold back the website to succeed in terms of SEO. You might have a visually fantastic website that struggles to reach the users because of some elements that are easy to change. Effective planning and implementation can help you improve the elements on your website that can benefit your SEO.

Here is a simple guide to overcome these common issues and to prevent your website from these elements.

On page elements
Duplicate meta

Problem-In reference to page titles and meta description, duplicate meta indicates the search engines about the pages that have nothing of importance to offer the website visitors, and by there it will be concluded that it may not be worth ranking or indexing.

Solution-To avoid this problem you must ensure that each page provides something unique on your website, they should contain the meta that is targeted and carries the information for that specific page. If your website is created dynamically then via Google Webmaster tool, you can indicate Google to ignore specific URL parameters or block search engine access to URL’s that contain specific parameters via Robots.txt.

Long page titles

Problem-Snippet visible within the search engine will be affected by the long page titles; important title elements are risked with character limitation which can harm the rankings and hinder site click through rate.

Solution-Make sure you limit your page titles not more than 70 characters for the maximum impact. The inclusion of keywords that are relevant to the page can influence the click.

Too many meta keywords-

Problem-A Few years back Google announced that they do not use Meta Keywords to influence rankings within their search engine, some websites try to add more keyword variations within this tag.

Solution-Remove the tag entirely or try to add more relevant keywords which are associated with your website, business or product. If you are holding a business of some product in some particular area then try to add highly relevant words related to the product and the area you target, there is no need to add others irrelevant words.

Lack of unique content-

Problem-Exclusive content is a hurdle for many websites; this problem occurs commonly in websites like e-commerce or hotel search websites because these sites contain the same products, therefore, providing unique content to differentiate themselves from each other is essential.

Search engines aggregate the results and give a variety of content which enhances the service and experience to the users. Therefore, the search engine will rank similar content in the results alongside each other. This limits the good rankings unless your content is a unique one.

Solution-Make sure the rank worthy page of your site doesn’t have any duplicate content and don’t copy any content from elsewhere on the internet to populate your page. Think about what you offer to your visitors different from your competitors be unique, innovative and real.

Create pages for ranking purpose

Problem-Recent Google updates like Panda focus more on this aspect; they tend to see right through this content when it provides no value for the users it is, therefore, unlikely to rank.

Solution-Make sure you plan your website effectively and approachable for the visitors from the visitor’s perspective. Creating pages that are useful for the visitors along with easy navigation will add additional advantage to your site.

Slow page speed

Problem-Google and other search engines like to serve content with less loading time, slow page speed creates an unsatisfying experience for the users and therefore considering the better service search engines prefer not to serve content with low speed to users.

Solution-You need to have your site hosted on a server that can handle it without concern.

Ensure your site meets W3C standards.

Combine images into CSS sprites

Leverage Browser Caching

Externalising Javascript and CSS files

Messy URL Structure

Problem-Messy URL structure contains a lot of dynamically created characters which will not help the visitors to recognize what they expect to find on that page.

Solution-Opt for a clean, descriptive and simple URL structure.

The above-stated issues are some common issues which are generally noted in the websites however they are still more issues exists that is why SEO audit is always recommended. These issues are common but, you should be aware of these issues because they affect your traffic and user credibility which leads to loss. All these small issues can accumulate and destroy your websites ranking in SERP so make sure you overcome these issues.


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