Start social media efforts for your small business.

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Author : Smartladders | Date: March 1, 2019

Wondering how to start social media efforts for your small business, but not sure where to begin with?

It can be confusing.

However, using social media for your small business isn’t hard and tough. It’s simple and easy once you figure out a few tactics.

If you’re ready to adopt social media for your small business, then read on.

How to Use Social Media for Your Small Business

In the recent times’ social media has been continuously changing, so its necessary to ask how to use social media to promote small business. As a small business owner, you don’t have enough time to spend your day on different social media platforms or to hire a social media specialist to do it for you. So, you can follow specific tactics to overcome these obstacles.


  • Schedule your posts
  • Reach your target audience
  • Listen to the social media noise
  • Leverage your audience
  • Measure your activity
  • Make sure your customers come back


Schedule your posts

One of the finest ways to save your time and optimize your social media presence is to schedule your content. Once you are aware of your strategy, you can create your content early and able to concentrate on everything. Create a unique customised strategy for your business and start following it. If you schedule your content for social media ahead, keep an eye also on the current events. Allow the previously scheduled content, but also acknowledge the current events without fail to stay in trend.

Reach your target audience

A good social media presence is not how frequently you post. However, what you post and whether it is relevant to your audience.

Focus on your target audience, and try to build up your social media presence try to speak your audience’s language. Find out where your target audience is, and utilize your social media efforts; check out the reports using tools to find out which platform your audience is active on.

Make sure you utilize the details to target the capabilities available online offered to you. You can focus specific interest or behaviour of your audience.

Listen to the social media noise

Once you are deep clear about your target audience, then cut through your social media identity and get noticed by your potential customer. Moreover, businesses should come up with original content that represents the community they target.

As a small business, you have the better advantage of a direct connection with your customers. You can use Facebook Live video and Instagram Stories to update and communicate with your targeted audience.

Leverage your audience

Make sure your content reaches and engage your customers.

Whether your target audience is geographic or topical, if your business is not focused on the community, then you are missing an opportunity to influence your customer.

Mainly Respond to the comments instantly and get people to participate in your stories, that will leverage the local events and trending topics in the community.

Measure your activity

With all these methodologies, the end question is; Did this work? So, to track the activity and the result of your efforts are equally important. Thereby you can analyse the effectiveness of your efforts.

Always remember the significant difference between followers and subscribers, and likes for your post: because this indicated that the audience is asking more of your content. Therefore, keep an eye on this to engage your audience.

This gives you concrete to hold onto and allows you to analyse whether you are on the right track. Thereby you can alter and edit the methodologies.

There is much Social media marketing software available in the market that will help you with the analytics. Therefore, you can also try some of the freely available social media marketing tools.

Make sure your customers come back

As you are active on social media, your chance of interacting with the customers’ increases. Take this as an opportunity and make a good rapport with your customers with personal attention. Try to delight your customers and make that visible in social media.

A delighted customer is your best brand ambassador on the social media platform. When you receive positive feedback from the customer, ask them to share their experience on that platform publicly like Google Reviews, or in your website, these will fetch you a good reputation and more customers.

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