SEO Tactics to be Implemented in Voice Search

May 24, 2023
Voice Search SEO Tactics
The traditional way of searching information online has taken a drastic turn in the past couple of years. People have adopted the voice search using their smartphones to find results from online.

Voice search is not for tomorrow it’s for today if you haven’t incorporated it into your business do it right now.

People are continually using the voice search using their tablets, smartphones and Android devices. iPhone users use Siri to search and get what they look for Google assistants is popular with the Android users, and Microsoft’s Cortana is used to navigate in PC’s and other devices voice search has already overtaken all the possible technology aspects to cover its online search.

Therefore now by using Siri, Google assistants, Cortana users can ask their need as a question to their phone, Amazon who doesn’t own a mobile computing service has gone way far by introducing the Amazon Echo to crop-up in the houses across the world.

Which means statistically people are more tend to use voice search without even looking at the screen so what does this relate to SEO ? which implies its high-time to optimize your website to keep you highly ranked for voice search

The difference between the voice search and text search is how accurate the results are; the voice search is out of the intent, and it’s quite clear from the user which results in presenting the specific results and tend to skip the several irrelevant links which are dragged as a response to a text-based search.

Knowing the voice assistants is the today, there are certain things to be looked into to optimize our website according to the prevailing trend.

Featured snippets or answer boxes

Being featured gives you additional exposure in search results, so it’s better to provide answers right away for the questions enquired.

There are three common factors to be followed while featuring snippets they are:

The specific question-  research on the standard issue on your particular subject keep this as a base and write down your copy

Concise answers- people are not interested in more reasonable answers rather than answers filled with a lot of jargons, so it’s important to keep it simple, clear and concise.

Engaging and interesting text- Your copy must be engaging the customer and create interest to read it which will optimize your website.

Concentrate your local SEO- Voice search is mostly used for the business information, so make sure you have entered the exact address, location and closing hours. Optimizing your Google business page for better business is essential.

Site speed matters a lot- Voice searches are done mostly in mobile phones that makes clear your site should have a mobile site. And these mobile users don’t wait for more than 90 seconds to fetch the answer they enquire for details on the go, so they don’t hang on for so long. So to check your site’s bounce back speed is the critical factor in your business the first serve is the best serve.

Getting into the nerves of the searchers- Its all about the research, observation and analyze which will impact the results it’s essential to explain from the searcher to act accordingly.

Voice assistants are already ruling the market. If you don’t wake up to optimize your website right now. You are missing out the traffic in a long run.

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