SEO challenges for ecommerce sites

June 22, 2023
SEO Challenges eCommerce

Many challenges come across while building and maintaining a website successfully one of them is SEO especially if the website is for an eCommerce variety then there are specific challenges which are very common, read on to know the common challenges and how to overcome those challenges.

Producing effective Product Descriptions

Providing an accurate, useful and easy to understand descriptions of all the products on your website is very challenging. Certain E-commerce websites can go up to thousands of products and can automate to some degree thereby the SEO quality of the content becomes poor, and without a unique and robust product description you only get a miserable crawl, and that leads to reduced exposure. Make sure every time you create the product description put some solid effort and thought on the content part.

Create High-Quality Content

Content always speaks out your website; it’s been proven many times that the high-quality content creates the difference in Google SERPs especially Google’s Panda Algorithm release rewards high-quality sites by addressing the phenomena in Google SERPs which includes poor and duplicate content.

Need for Loading Speed

The main reason your audience might ignore your website is that it took a long time to load. Therefore, the loading speed is essential it has the higher chance for lowering the conversion rate, especially for an e-commerce website loading speed, is the biggest strength as it has purchase and transaction process. Make sure you provide an uninterrupted view and go further by optimizing your products which also includes compression of the images. Further technical SEO also gives your website more trust factors in the view of Google

User/Customer Review Management

It’s always important to consider your customers view, when you plan to buy something you start to research and check out on what other people say about the product thereby keep an eye on your reviews and comments because Google does the same thing as you do it crawl the reviews and comments and check for relevancy, therefore, its better to avoid false conversation and never try to manipulate the reviews and ratings that can backfire at you.

Website Aesthetic/Facelifts

E-commerce website design must be highly responsive since the rate of dependency on mobile and internet is rapidly increasing its smarter way to anticipate the changes and act accordingly by designing the website with robust and responsive factor because people will move out of a poorly designed site for better user experience.

User engagement

Google’s algorithm initiates positive user signals into the rankings, and they are essential for backlinks to capitalize on it. You get clicks from the search listings and keep your visitors engaged.

Tips help to get clicks

Create an engaging tagline with words attracting the crowd like discount, sale, limited offer thereby you draw the mass.

Create a compelling meta description in a way people tend to click it. Targeting Adwords ads and incorporating those words into the meta description is a smarter way.

Functional XML Sitemaps

Improving the indexation is the biggest challenge especially sites over 200k URLs will struggle with their product page URLs indexation. To rectify this make sure XML sitemaps are clean and not being generated often and also make sure these URLs serve 200 responses and also use the best version of the URL. Multiple version of product page URL will create the options Google to focus on the best of the two that is non-keyword friendly and keyword friendly. The non-keyword friendly URL should be canonical to the keyword friendly version, so you don’t want to include it in the XML sitemaps.

These are the basics to withhold your customers and increase your customer identity, implementing these steps will make your business productive and worthy.


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