Rise in Ad spending worldwide 2019

June 23, 2023
Ad Spending Worldwide 2019

Videos are always a constant form of media that capture and retain your customer’s interest. YouTube has about over 1 billion users and more than 700 million hours of video every day watched by them all over the world. Also, various researches show that video marketing is more enjoyed and engaging than another form of ads, video marketing is more memorable when compared to other forms are marketing.

The consumption of social media among today’s crowd is increasing rapidly, and thereby the demand of the attractive and innovative content is at its peak. This year has been an excellent start for the video marketing getting transformed from optional tactics to core strategy. This concludes that to reach your audience real-time in 2019, you should concentrate more on video marketing and make it as your top priority.

The widespread of video marketing is no longer new and cannot be ignored, to cope up with this paradigm shift in the marketing behaviour and the expectation of your customers you need to put the effort in producing convincing and attractive video content.

Below are four tips on video marketing this new year

Enhanced mobile version

Since the widely used medium is a mobile phone, it’s important and essential to keep the mobile experience as the top priority.

Your mission should be focused to build a strong connection with your customers by leveraging the innovations to engage and excite your customers. Nonlinear mode of the mobile means that your customers consume your video faster and better than ever before. Therefore, to attract your customer your video should be short and crisp, it should carry a story that can be explained in the first few seconds, and also you must be innovative and creative to engage your customer’s curiosity thereby you get a more significant number of people to end up watching your video. Put your logo always in the video to make people aware of it thus you gain identity and popularity.

Nano influencers

Creating mobile-optimized videos to post in the social media platforms may be difficult, but by doing so, you can expand beyond the traditional walls of marketing and experience a new mode of digitized custom optimized marketing techniques and results. Creating consumer content act as Nano influencers for building a cost-effective video ad that can be produced quickly and perform effectively.

Try out new video formats

This technology has led the way to an explosion of new alternates for video formats which opens up endless opportunities and possibilities for the marketing.

It’s fascinating that images are more than enough to make your customers excited. Stop motion videos make objects move in limited increments in between the photographed frames that create an illusion of movement when it played which gives you lot of control over the movement and action. Motion editing adds movement visuals to the static photo; cinema graph video brings traditional images to life; the perfect blend of still photos and subtle animation makes a magical effect and engaging image.

Learn, test and repeat    

As you start with your video marketing practices, you will gain better ideas and more practical experiences on what to do, how to do and why to do. So, don’t hesitate to try something new, it’s always about learning new things so go for different techniques using various techniques and get to know more about it. Learn without any boundaries, test it with curiosity and repeat the relevant one.

When it comes to brand marketing and advertising, there is no limit for exploring. You can build a strong relationship by leveraging your marketing practices and engage your customers real-time. This new year will be the perfect era to explore video marketing, try out more exciting features.


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