Revolutionizing digital marketing with AI this year

May 24, 2023
AI Digital Marketing Revolution

A few years back incorporating Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing was very much reluctant, but at present, the usage of AI is evolving, and it’s being used in every aspect of your life, digital marketing is not an exception. Various surveys indicated that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would be the most critical platform for multiple innovations and pay the way for all the emerging technologies. However, AI technology is already revolutionizing the digital marketing world in the most unexpected ways.

Generating content

What if a machine writes and creates content by itself!

AI can’t write intrinsic works like a political newspaper or a blog post for a specific industry, but AI can write down reports and data based on the information stored which will be useful in saving time and resources.

Tools like Articoolo, Wordsmith are being used to create content which uses templates and allows you to enter the keywords thereby you get content with the touch of a human. BBC, New York Times have started implementing this technology

Content curation

AI enables content curation and makes it easy to connect with the visitors and give them more relevant content which is commonly used to create more personalized content that excites the users. Suggestions and notifications, you get to movies and shows which you receive are pretty accurate and exciting.

Email Marketing

AI is used in personalized email marketing campaigns depends on the user behavior this makes it possible for a better connection with them in turning them into your clients.

Machine Learning can analyze the end number of data that determines the best ways, time and other factors to approach a customer. Would that simply cut short your effort of finding the main metrics of your digital marketing campaigns? AI can customize email content for each subscriber. Some tools that do AI application to email marketing is Boomtrain, Phrasee, and Persado which almost attained about 95% on what a human can do.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising has successfully adopted the Artificial Intelligence

Facebook and Google already uses AI and Machine Learning to analyze their target audience interests, demographics, and other factors to learn the potential audience for their brand

Google AdWords has an automatic auction-based system that lets advertisers pay the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Some platforms incorporate AI.

Adext is Audience Management as a Service (AMaaS) that use deep and machine learning to automate and optimize your ads on platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. In addition to analyzing different audiences to detect the one most likely to make the conversion, it also identifies which platform is the most profitable one.

The algorithm is brilliant that get adjusted and optimized on budget every hour so that the advertisers can get the highest sustained conversion rate.

Web Design

Usually, a good website needs a talented programmer and designer to design it but today there are applications like Grid uses artificial intelligence to develop a site with the provided information which is professional and made in less time at affordable price.


Brands have started using the platform like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, to communicate with their consumers since these tools are fast and utilized in common but no one likes to wait for a response for too long over the phone. Chatbots are making automatic responses to the consumers and guide them to what they look for. These chatbots use machine learning to find the correct response.

Chatbots can respond 24/7 they are always sticking to the point, and they never lose their patience. Chatbots can react to a different user at the same time, therefore, there is no delaying time the customer feels like he is being guided and taken care of, the advantage is chatbot doesn’t cost a colossal fortune you can use Facebook bot tools like the bot and explore the new way of engaging your consumers.

As discussed AI adaption will give you several benefits to your digital marketing strategy and enhancement to your product or service. AI is the new adaption for increasing your productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Whether to embrace this new technology or to follow the traditional method is of choice of the individual.

AI is not to eradicate the human indulgence but to enhance the work by providing new strategies and creative potential for a business. Every professional who understand this technology and its betterment will adapt themselves to this AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and many more.


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