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May 23, 2023
Digital Marketing Predictions

2018 was a great start for many of the emerging technology in digital marketing – and it’s time to take these technologies forward to 2019, and what it forces deliver for advertisers.

In the year 2018, we experienced yet another record in ad spending.

Digital marketing ads overtook the record of Offline advertising with 51.5% of the US market.

The future of digital marketing in 2019 is impressive and here we try to locate some of the significant shifts we’re going to experience in the advertising landscape this 2019.

Customer UX

The abundance of data we get from chatbots, customer profiles and pixel tracking give us the capacity to produce customized & personalized, relevant messages to the customer. Due to the enhancement in the technology customers expect an omnichannel experience and marketers are in the situation to meet their customer’s experience. Understanding the journey of your customer is neither direct nor anticipated, digital marketing marketers are in a situation to find alternate ways to provide engaging customer experience and make all the possibilities to shop. marketers must know the pulse of their audience and focus mainly on loyalty, trust acquisition and retention

Quality over Quantity

Advanced web analytics tools can monitor a visitor’s online behaviour by calculating the “time on site” as an important quality metric. The page views have been the usual way of measuring online performance. These metrics are important, but digital marketing marketers move towards more valuable metrics so that they can measure whether they are catching their customer’s recognition. Marketers measure the average time spent, average scroll depth, the time bounce rate and time between visits.

you must really work hard to earn your customers time and attention. you should engage, educate, and entertain them in order to get their attention. creating a better engagement lead your audience to stay in your site and acquire more purchasing rate. To stay relevant to your audience include creating fresh relevant content, attractive designs, loading time and being attentive to their needs, doubts and queries.

Voice over text

The traditional way of searching for information online has taken a drastic turn in the past couple of years. People have adopted the voice search using their smartphones to find results from online.

Voice search is not for tomorrow it’s for today if you haven’t incorporated it into your business do it right now.

People are continually using the voice search using their tablets, smartphones and Android devices. iPhone users use Siri to search and get what they look for Google assistants is popular with the Android users, and Microsoft’s Cortana is used to navigate in PC’s and other devices voice search has already overtaken all the possible technology aspects to cover its online search.

Therefore, now by using Siri, Google assistants, Cortana users can ask their need as a question to their phone, Amazon who doesn’t own a mobile computing service has gone way far by introducing the Amazon Echo to crop-up in the houses across the world.

Which means statistically people are more tend to use voice search without even looking at the screen so what does this relate to SEO? which implies its high-time to optimize your website to keep you highly ranked for voice search

The difference between the voice search and text search is how accurate the results are; the voice search is out of the intent, and it’s quite clear from the user which results in presenting the specific results and tend to skip the several irrelevant links which are dragged as a response to a text-based search.

Knowing the voice assistants is the today, there are certain things to be looked into to optimize our website according to the prevailing trend.

Video marketing

Video marketing exists from late 2000 however it has got into the limelight in recent years due to its positive impact and influence in the market. Therefore, video marketing will remain a top digital marketing trend in 2019 with proper content to trigger website traffic, search engine rankings and user engagement.

Pictures vs. Keywords

we are in the progressing stage of image search; this visual search uses an image as a search query. people will use their mobile phones to capture an image they see and move toward shopping; this search engine application will improve the virtual part of our lives in every possible way. New improvements in machine learning and AI will improve the ability of this image search process. tagging images will become essential for every brand to rank high in search engine.

Above are the major predictions of digital marketing trends for 2019.

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