Must Have Digital Marketing Tools you should know in 2019

May 23, 2023
Digital Marketing Tools 2019

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial to understand the importance of digital marketing and its contribution to the success of your business. Successful companies are concentrating on virtual space to engage their customers, to create acquaintance with the industry leaders, and to project their brand more expressively and creatively that can engage them visually. Digital marketing offers an ample opportunity to try out various engaging strategies in real time. The prevailing enhanced new digital marketing techniques and tools give every company irrespective of its tenure have a chance to create a significant impact online to engage the audience and to establish their brand identity.

Below are some of the favorite tools used in digital marketing according to a specific strategy:

Organic social media tools
Sprout social: Sprout Social is a social network administrator, used in social media management and engagement that makes your brand more engaging with your customer. Sprout Social is known for its features and functionalities.

Wyng: Wyng is a social media engagement platform via hashtag campaigns, user-generated content and other engaging programs. It mainly focuses on engaging customers via mobile and social media. Wyng’s dashboard monitors the performance of the campaign you run.

Paid social media tools

Facebook’s power editor: Facebook’s product the power editor tool is used for creating hyper-specific advertising campaigns. Facebook has been releasing new targeting and budgeting features with the platform’s detailed parameters which ensure to attain your target quickly and accurately.

Twitter native platform: Twitter is a major network and has some eccentric features for targeting specific keywords with segmentation functionality. That makes the targeting of users easy by using that particular key phrase.

Email marketing tool

MailChimp is well known for its email marketing space. The usability and the price based on your email list is the major feature of the MailChimp’s success. Email marketing can fetch you a fortune, if you are new to these tools try out MailChimp for email marketing because it’s got exciting features.

Display retargeting tools

AdRoll: A retargeting tool is to get back the customers to your site without being bounced by traffic. AdRoll is a self-service platform where you leverage the reports and be helpful for your sales.

Programmatic advertising tools

Choice stream: ChoiceStream processes vast customer base and targets your audience then with that information boost relevant ads to your targeted audience.

Simplify: simplify takes advantage of the unstructured audience data. This means that doesn’t need to rely on an already existing audience segment to categorize the data. This will be helpful when you got a vast database.

Content creation tools

Canva: canva is a free tool it is a web-based design tool that can be used to create images to use for your blog posts and other social networks. You can use this tool for all your image needs. if you are in need of content and you are ready to pay then you can choose, they charge reasonable rates depending on the project, that includes e-books, video, and infographics.

Content curation tools To stay ahead in the market, you need to put unique content always for every single post that’s why you must have a good content curation tool so that you can easily find exclusive content and share it.

Website analytics tools
Google analytics: Digital marketing tools have analytics in-built thereby you can analyze your content performance on various social platforms. Google analytics is mostly used by most of the crowd to track the website’s information that includes the visitor’s count, how they make through your site, and much more it’s one of the most needed tools for your business.
Customer service tools

Zendesk: All your audience are nowadays online so to reach out to your brand and its queries they opt online, if you are not available online, then there is no way you can meet your audience effectively. Through this customer service tools, you can streamline your customer service and ensure effective communication and customer engagement. Zendesk makes it simple and easy to connect with your audience 24/7 via mail, messages, calls, and chat. This will bring all your communication into one place thereby making things easy for you.

These are some sample tools, there are plenty available in the market, and more upcoming all you have to do is find out your business needs and customize a tool according to your need to stay ahead in the market.

Have a happy and innovative marketing experience.


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