Music Marketing What No One Is Talking About

June 22, 2023
Music Marketing Secrets
When people think about marketing and promoting they talk about advertising or promotions. However, there are changing scenarios where from no online presence to having millions of SoundCloud streams. People spend more time and cost on advertising and promotions which are very much short-term benefits, whether it’s a new musician or a well-known popular singer it’s a need to market your music online.

So, what is music marketing?

Marketing is a way to generate your fan base and awareness of your music with the help of an online presence. This kind of marketing can be done with a variety of different tactics like content curation, unique experience, sense of community to reach your fans. However, marketing needs a purpose. It’s your work, art its music. Marketing your music is not about posting music on an online platform like Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

In effective marketing, it’s essential to create a marketing plan for your music which will give a clear view for understanding your audience, marketplace and a plan to accomplish the goals you have to set.

So before exploring the online presence ask yourself

Why you create a market strategy? What is the plan? Moreover, how you are going to accomplish the plan?

  • Are you just getting started your online presence so that you reach new fans?
  • Are you ready to go on a tour and need to sell the tickets with hype?
  • Are you already on tour and looking for more exposure?
  • Are you looking to double the size of your mailing list?
  • Are you planning for a new album and need to engage fans in creating awareness about your new album?

All of these and many more reasons are there to step into the different strategies for starting the marketing plan.

Define the audience for your music

Knowing your audience is the best way to success.

If you got this understanding, you be able to identify where exactly your fans exist and how to engage them online because not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter to reach them, therefore, make sure you engage them in every way its possible get their attention.

Analyse the market

Once you know who your audience is there is also a great demand to understand the market you must be aware of what is happening in the local community, having this understanding will help you to establish your unique value at the right place.

Establish your goal

You must have a goal, and that should carry a purpose which should be actionable without this it’s aimless marketing, therefore to do a research about the market and to act accordingly is an effective strategy.

Get into action

With your actionable, goals in place, it’s now time to create a plan to achieve these goals. There are several things to get into your action plan.

  • PR
  • Advertising
  • Content creation / curation
  • Touring
  • Social Media / Community Management
  • Networking

Taking a career in any form of art is like building a new business. Therefore, it takes time and money to experience growth and success.

Make sure that these action plans are realistic through which you can achieve your goals.

This may seem like a lot of effort and work, but these efforts are worth to put up in front to create a realistic, actionable marketing plan for your music career with which you can save much money, time and tension towards your effort.

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