Latest Updates on Social Medias that You Must Know

June 22, 2023
Social Media Updates

This blog focus on the latest Social Media Updates and its purpose published by an award-winning social media agency. You may be updated with the recent Social Media Versions but you may not be aware of the new feature that can be used for a great purpose. Let us get into what’s the latest update in Social Media World.


Facebook adds Alert Button for Fake News

We are aware of the fake news that people share on Facebook. It’s not that everything is true that Facebook users share. Now Facebook Made it easy to count the days for those users who are spreading fake news. Facebook introduced a red warning sign button “Disputed” alert to notify the user that a certain news is a fake. The “Disputed”alert shows the post which is not labelled Fake by Facebook but simply labelled as “Disputed” by other users.


Instagram Polling Stickers

You can try this feature while updating your Story, when you go to add stickers, you will see the Poll option. With this new polling stickers, one can be able to ask a question and provide two answers (options) from which the user can choose. Whatever the option you include but, the default is “Yes” or “NO”. You can ask the user to choose from two different products or to share the which pair of shoes will work for the nights.

The user can tap on their answer in the given options, you will able to view the likes on a real-time basis. This will be a great way to engage your audience through polling technique which will give a better responsiveness to your audience and intelligible answers to your post.


WhatsApp Live Location Sharing

Since WhatsApp is the most popular chat messenger where it has already enabled with location sharing feature within a group or an individual. With this new Live Location Sharing feature will help you in a number of situations. This feature will enable you to share it in a real time. To share this Live Location feature click on the attach button and select “Share Live Location” under the “Location”. Once after sharing the location, the user in the chat can be able to see your location on the Google Map.


Reduce Abusive Content and Tweet on New Profile Pictures

As Twitter was continuously working on to make the twitter safer and faster in order to reduce the creation of new abusive accounts, update on reporting abusive tweets and also on reducing the notification conversation that created by the people that you have already blocked. Twitter also introduced new filtering options in order to customize and take control over the notifications.


New Messaging Feature on LinkedIn

If you have Logged into LinkedIn, you might have noticed there are some new changes made by LinkedIn to enhance your network. LinkedIn has introduced suggested a response to InMail which can increase the response rate and stay in touch with your contacts. This new featured suggested response In Mail will make you respond whether you are interested or not. This makes simpler to getting back to your respond mail even if the answer is “no” which sustains your Reputation.


YouTube Introduced New Kid’s Profile

YouTube launched new parental control channel in a new exciting feature. After talking to parents, we came to know that kids who love the YouTube kid’s app are getting older so that they wanted a Platform that will grow along with them. The latest YouTube Kid App is featured to help kids watching Monster, Learning ABC’s or Mind crafts in a better way with profile customization enabled. The App is tailored for different age groups to provide customized app look design and Profile Passcode for Security Purpose.

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