Latest Digital Marketing Trends that you cant ignore in 2018

June 22, 2023
Digital Marketing Trends 2018 (1)

Every year the social media industry is introducing latest and most innovative marketing trends to the digital world. This year more dynamic trends are set to conquer the digital sphere. Let’s have a brief look at the various digital marketing trends which are currently taking over the Online commercial market.

Drastic increase in Video Marketing Trends:-

Most of the top brands in the world such as Facebook and Instagram  are investing more time and resources in Video Marketing. Some of the latest happening trends such as Live video, 360-degree video, and Virtual reality are bound to change the entire scenario for digital marketing. 

Voice search-The Future of Search:-

The era of text-based searches are slowly fading away and voice-based queries are increasing gradually. Statistics have pointed out that between 20 to 25 percent queries on the Google mobile app and Android devices are already voice-based searches. Previously a survey from 2015 found out that usage of voice-based searches had increased double-fold with more than 60 percent of users stating that they used virtual assistant technology and voice commands. At this growth rate, by 2020 about 50 % of all searches will be voice-based searches.

Social Media Marketing:-

Social Media Industry is currently showing no signals of slowing down on their marketing strength as we move into 2018. Social media giants such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have focused more on user-generated content. With the emphasis on video content have increased over the years, Live video uploads have become popular in social media platforms paving way for other innovative ways of promotion such as the stories concept.

Increasing use of AI focused Behavioral marketing:-

In the year of 2017, many marketing platforms collected various information such as site usage, content preferences, browsing methodology and even their search history in order to create a customer profile and devise marketing strategies focused on their behavior. However, this year they are making more strides and according to Adobe, machines now can analyze and can make independent decisions based on the user’s behavior patterns

Rise of SERP Features:-

SERP features are usually the result you receive on a Google search engine results page (SERP) that are not technically a traditional organic result. SERP features mostly comprise of Rich Snippets, paid results, knowledge graph data and universal results (results that usually appear along with the organic results). These SERP features are designed to grab the end user’s attention and divert the organic clicks.

Smartphone usage will be given more importance:-

These days web browsing, online shopping, and banking transactions occur commonly on mobile devices so the digital marketing industry is completely dominated by the usage of Smartphones. This in addition to the rise of voice-based searches, with most of the google searches usually coming from mobile devices. Such is the popularity of mobile first index, that you simply can’t ignore mobile based SEO in 2018.

Visual Search:-

The Visual search option has seen a surge over the recent years. Prominent search engines are coming up with their own creative ways to display visual technology in a more effective way. Recently Bing introduced the concept of an image-based search engine called Bing Visual search which assists the user to search for specific products using images.

Final thoughts:-
2018 promises to be a big year for digital marketing and there has been a lot of expectations from the consumer side as well. It will definitely take some time for an average marketer to adjust to these changes. However, the key to success will be adapting to these changes. Traditional SEO marketing techniques are going to change forever, so plan your digital marketing campaigns to expand your business.

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