How to Advertise on LinkedIn Explore the Self service Ads

June 22, 2023
Advertise on LinkedIn

In the recent years, there has been a wide range of tools to create your network with people among which LinkedIn was highly noticed because it created a platform to connect with professionals which also acted as a highly depended marketing platform.

If you deal with the B2B business practices, then you definitely might have used LinkedIn advertising platform. LinkedIn is the platform where most professionals network online, and that’s where you can find your potential customers.

LinkedIn has got more than what you expect.

LinkedIn has got effective ads platform; you might be using PPC to make your presence visible on media like Twitter, Facebook or Google. You can now follow that for LinkedIn too.

In this blog, we would explore the details of the LinkedIn ads types and its uses that can be a suitable channel for your business.

Let’s get started.

Decide who is your target.

LinkedIn advertising platform provides you a more extensive targeting capability. You can Identify who is your ideal target and use this ads facility according to your requirement in your marketing plans.

Why use LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn attracted an active community of people in different professions, according to the stats every second two new members are joining LinkedIn and about 40% of the account users are checking their profile on a daily basis.

There are about 560 million people; this crowd is a reliable and severe bunch of people who are diverse in professions and of high standards across the world. Thereby the contact and network scope you gain here is something worth spending your time on.

You might think; will this LinkedIn ads works for your business?

You can create an ad and reach out to your set of audience and then decide on it. There are different types of LinkedIn ads, you can check the benefits and of each ad and then decide.

These Self-service ads can be done on your own; you can check with the campaign manager and do it all yourself. Target your potential audience, schedule campaigns and see who is clicking your ads, this is easy to follow and start your marketing tactics in LinkedIn advertising.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a way where you promote your existing content on your company page. This ad appears in the LinkedIn feeds of professionals whom you want to reach. With sponsored content, you can

Get a message on your device: mobile, desktop.

You can also use rich media.

You can test your messaging and optimize your campaigns.

Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail can deliver personalized messages in LinkedIn Inboxes where you can deliver relevant content that can fetch you relatively more number of clicks and conversions because people are more open towards real-time conversations using this ad you can:

Conversions are easy with personalized, relevant messages.

You can reach your audience in their mobile or desktop.

Helps in real-time conversation.

Text Ads

Text ads are used to increase traffic to your LinkedIn company page. Using text ads, you can create engaging descriptions, but these ads run only on the desktop, on the right side of the news feed which is very much attention-grabbing.

These text ads are catchy and straightforward using this you can:

Easily create ads and run a campaign.

You can tailor messages to the professionals you want to reach.

Pay for the ads that work. Per click or impression.

Dynamic Ads

Using this ad you can generate ads dynamically based on your audience’s activity.If someone is searching for something that is relevant for you, then LinkedIn targets them with the right message at the right time.

By using dynamic ads, you can

Get more response.

Optimize who want to see your messages.

Increase your followers.

Generate more customized call-to-action.

Programmatic display ads

Using programmatic display ads, you can reach your target audience through your preferred programmatic buying platform. This kind of ads uses a variety of media like text, audio, video and lot more.

Using this ad, you can

Strengthen your product, service or brand.

You can reach more professionals.

Your ads will be interactive.

You will also experience high-traffic in your LinkedIn pages.

These features can help your marketing efforts in a better way, try implementing this ad creation and explore the natural and straightforward marketing ways.

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