How social media marketing impacts your business

June 23, 2023
Social Media Marketing
Social media has transformed our lives and the way we look at the world. As years pass by, social media has also developed and expanded in functionality enabling new refreshing ways of communication. This has certainly impacted the way big brands and corporates interact with their potential customer base. Recent studies have revealed fascinating insights about the positive impact of social media campaigns on brand building and even on their online presence. Despite the rave reviews on social media marketing, not many are aware of the existence of Social media agency’s services and how they perform. According to a recent report by Social media examiner, 85 % of marketers who use social media aren’t exactly clear on what tools to be used. In order to offer more clarity, you need to look at some of the important ways social media marketing impacts your business.

Increases your trustworthiness through credible services:
Brand loyal customers don’t spring up instantly, it takes years to build up that credibility. However, increasing usage of social media marketing means that you can get higher scores quickly, in terms of reliability. If someone from the corporate world shares your work and appreciates it online, then your brand gets definitely boosted. A study from Next Consulting has shown that if consumers trust a band 83% of them will recommend it to a friend, 82% will use it’s products and services repeatedly and 50 % will pay more for its products and services.

Improves your chances of getting your referrals:
Gone are the days where you have to consult a friend if you are on the lookout for a consultant or a potential business partner which is a lengthy process. In today’s world, if you are searching for a consultant, you can just enter your criteria on social media websites and you will get a million results. Using social media you can even get reviews about the consultant, their service etc. This would help you close in on your preferred choice with much ease.

Boosts your brand visibility:
Your brand visibility increases the number of times your firm shows up on social media. This also increases the authenticity of the information of your post on the social media websites. More customers will value your service based on the good reviews you get from your previous customers. In today’s technology-driven world, most business owners check out the reviews on Google first, before even setting up a corporate meeting.

Reaches more people to generate more revenue:
Social media is not the complete solution for increasing your sales, however, it does help a lot in improving the revenue generated. Popular social media sales expert Jim Keenan revealed that in the year of 2012, more than 79 % of the sales personnel used social media to yield better results than their competitors.

Final thoughts:
Social media marketing not only creates brand awareness but also improves the perceived value of the products and services that most corporates offer. Earlier it would take years to build brand loyalty. But what marketers need to understand is that excessive promotion will not yield immediate results, instead, they need to interact with their target audience Social media marketing has drastically changed the mode of communication, it has paved way for the rise Social media marketing agencies to capitalize on this thriving market. If you are on the lookout for a social marketing agency, you have to first do your research on the agency’s background and the projects they undertook before proceeding further.

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