How Artificial Intelligence usage is transforming Digital Marketing

May 24, 2023
AI Usage in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is tuning machines to act more intelligent than human race the emergence of these disruptive technologies has become the centre of discussion around the world, companies are dreaming their future with these technologies, and we must accept the fact that these technologies are likely to dominate the world in the coming year.

Digital marketing is enhancing Artificial Intelligence in many powerful ways some are listed below.


Google Search:

Rank Brain is effective in handling search queries that are never seen before but by guessing the phrases and words with similarity. Voice Search Algorithm handles the conversational queries and understands the intention behind the query.

Artificial Intelligence has tremendously changed the traditional method Google serves search results to its users, Google’s Algorithm updates like Rank Brain Algorithm and Hummingbird Algorithm have given a new change of way to digital marketers to optimize their targeted audience.



Facebook uses deep neural networks powered by Artificial Intelligence to create data driven decisions about the posts types and ads feature the user based on the information that records from the user’s profile and their online behavior. Which will help the brands to exhibit their ads and posts relevant for their audience which will increase their conversion. Facebook also uses AI to recognize people in the pictures using the tool called Deep Face.


AI with data analytics:

Churning out data and using that data to predict user action will help in marketing the products in a better way for instance e-commerce portals want to know the buying pattern of their customers what they search for, how they search for and how the customers are moved to their sites to convert them into active buyer so thereby to increase the conversion rate, using AI, Machine learning and Business Intelligence these companies analyze their sales data and correlate their revenue which becomes more comfortable for them to perform and that makes the mainstream businesses to move faster and better.


Chatbots in service and support:

The automated human-like chatbot responders have been exposed in the market a few years back however they are becoming a significant part of the mainstream business especially when we look into the customer service and support these chatbots are not equipped with consistency physically and mentally, but they predict and respond based on the history they gathered from the customers they store the information and data queries from the incoming customer and save it up for the database purpose.


AI voice assistance:

Voice search is the next big thing and the huge popularity of the products like Amazon’s Echo and Google Assistance and growing usage of smartphones indicates that the voice search is the new level of communication. There is the strong opportunity to begin a conversation and further extend to the business-consumer relationship which is highly potential for the future.


Natural language processing interface:

This is the immense technology the mainstream business has been waiting for; the natural language processing makes the work at its ease, the computer itself can complete the task without the intervention of the human indulgence we can use the natural language to command over the computer to get things done. Which is impossibly impeccable.


Data prevention and protection:

Everything is being digitalized so has to be the data. Every single business process, transactions, and information are transmitted digitally where there are many misuses happens so now there arises a general awareness among the countries to concentrate more on the data protection. Every nation is coming up with the secured alternates for the privacy issue to prevent data abuse and to enhance the General Data Protection Regulation.


Adoption of Cloud:

During the earlier stage, the adoption of cloud data centre strategy was under a diplomatic understanding, but scenario changes when technology hit hard during 2018. Companies started investing heavily in the cloud infrastructure the companies who have adopted the cloud technology final feel confident and comfortable with cloud even governments are moving towards adopting cloud security for facing non-sensitive data and information.



AI has been  around for so long but in the recent years it has got into limelight and its doing wonder it has become very essential to stay on top of this technology , because these technologies are evolving every day, therefore its important to update yourself with it, we Smartladders have started to explore the technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and its effects in the world of Digital Marketing , its bit crucial to stay up-to-date with these technologies but its worth to spend more on this technology for a better understanding and life.


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