Googles Main Ranking Factors

June 22, 2023
Google's Ranking Factors

You must be looking for ways to improve your position in Google. Generally, people follow the process of creating viral content, on-page SEO, link building, technical SEO, and others.

Content is everything, but it needs to be optimized because even proper content can fail without appropriate on-page optimization. Below are the possible simple tips to be on top in the search results.

Optimization of URL’s

For a successful ranking, all you have to set up is to create an optimized URL for the page. This has to be more than a search engine friendly URL. Which means there shouldn’t be any extra folders, random number, question marks, etc.

Inclusion of keywords

Including your main keyword in your page’s title tag and other essential places will do miracles. There is an efficient correlation between keywords in the title tags and the rankings. So make sure that every page of your site has a unique title tag which includes your main keyword at least once for better ranking. Follow the same with the meta description and H1 tags also include one meta description and H1 tag in each page this inclusion should contain the target keyword.

Write catchy titles

Everything starts with content; if you want to top the search results then make your content relevant and worthy. You have got 55 characters to showcase your strength. Make your title attention-grabbing, compelling and justifying. Refer some favorite Facebook pages and make use of those formats, because all page titles follow a specific format, therefore, try to do something different to stand out from the crowd.

Avoid meta tag truncation to increase Click through rate

You have got only 512px title tags to gain desktop search results that truncate this truncation can have a negative impact on your CTR, therefore, to handle this make your title tags around 512px and meta descriptions around923px to reduce the truncation in the search results. That is 55 characters for title tags and 155 for meta descriptions.

Promote in the meta description

Use your meta description like advertising in the search results. Google picks text from your page that matches the query better. Catchy engaging description will snatch you more attention. All you have to do is to write a unique, engaging and compelling meta description these descriptions should encourage the click-throughs. Which will also optimize CTR.

Keep content as a priority

Ever thought what people seek in your website; because they seek for some information in your website make sure you provide them the content they look for and make sure it is available in a second after they hit your page from the search. Make visible of your title without scrolling for it and also minimize the elements which distract your visitors from your content.

Avoid too many Ads because Google doesn’t like such frequent ads.

Avoid too many pop-ups, even if you have pop-ups make sure they are easy to close.

Optimize Google images to get more traffic

Google image search can drive you traffic to your site. Generally, people start their search by browsing in Google images rather than regular search. You will be benefited only when you add descriptive alt text to your images thereby you will have extra traffic from Google image search.

These are some of the essential Google’s Ranking Factors make sure you follow these tips to stay ahead in the search results.

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