Google analytics New Update on Data Retention Control

June 22, 2023
Google Analytics Data Retention
Granular data retention controls

 Google analytics have recently shared their new data protection law to meet the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and this law will come into the force on 25th May 2018.


What is all about Google Analytics Data Retention?

The Google Analytics Data Retention control gives the ability to set up the amount of timing for the user data and event data which is stored in the Google Analytics to delete from the Analytics servers automatically. It enables you to choose how long should the analytics retain the data before deleting it automatically.

 14 months, 26 months,38 months, 50 months or do not automatically expire.Therefore, the data is available according to your convenience. You can decide the existence and the period of presence of the data.

This new retention tool will work based on any of the standard identifiers sent to the Analytics Client ID this applies to the user data and the event data associated with the cookies, user identifiers, and advertising identifiers and most importantly the aggregated data is not affected.
In case if you change the retention period, then any data older than the previous retention period will be deleted during the next monthly period. When you modify the period, Analytics waits for around 24 hours so that you can revert the change nor your data will be unaffected.

Google Analytics will be continuing to introduce a number of other features and policies related to the data security and retention in customizable cookie settings, privacy controls, data sharing settings, data deletion on account termination and IP anonymization will be useful in regards to the impact of the GDPR for your company’s unique situation and Analytics implementation.

 Image Source: Google
These settings will not take effect until 25th May 2018.
There are more updates to be expected from Google Analytics by the following week
You can refer to to learn more about the Google’s data privacy policy.

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