Details on the shift in Search Engine Optimization in 2019

June 22, 2023
SEO Shift 2019

After the reach of the internet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has developed from a basic idea to an ever-changing technology Search Engine Optimization connects people across the to market from big fat companies to start-ups, to track their users and for other endless possibilities. To unleash the entire potential of the Search Engine Optimization, it’s important that your professional Search Engine Optimization standards should be raised to produce real-time results.

To precisely predict SEO standards in 2019. It’s necessary to walk through some history and how it emerged over time.

Origin & Shift of SEO

Earlier the ranking structure was a complex set of rules which was the foundation for the current SEO practices. Basic keyword hacks were in practice, and Google rankings were still an opening act.

Even though the algorithms were updated multiple times, people were not sure about the RankBrain and its results when SEO shifted more of art rather than science.

SEO has become such a parable. Digital agencies devoted their entire services in helping businesses to optimize their content and search.

If you believe the past SEO practices will bring in organic traffic, then 2019 is not going to be your year. You have to step up in 2019 with new trends to avoid your content being buried in deepening depth of media and its changes.

Future of SEO
Mobile First

After the rise of voice search, mobile search has become the essence of SEO. Adding to this Google’s transition to mobile-first indexing (in March 2018) made it mandatory to ensure your site is accommodatable for mobile layout and easy navigation. If so, your next concern should be catering keyword strategy to be mobile search friendly that provides visibility and ranking. Mobile search will be the dominant hand in 2019.

Eventually, ranking gets downhill to organic search when compared to paid search. When searching in a Google the list of websites that appear as search results are considered “organic results”, because they are ranked based on the quality of the content on the page. However, the most considered a vital traffic source, organic traffic usually takes time to track, collect, and rank. However, paid search provided a higher ranking and been popular among big companies who can afford the cost that is spent on paid search. However, its predicted in 2019 there is a rise in organic traffic because it’s more cost-effective and more accurate. If you have laid a good foundation for your organic traffic, then you can watch your organic traffic will pile up and increase.

Technical SEO

Until now the search engines focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity of the content. However, thanks to the ever-changing algorithms, the technical health of the website is more important nowadays. Apart from the keyword-based SEO, technical based SEO optimize everything in your site apart from the content. Although this technical SEO is complicated to optimize, it’s worth doing it.

The above-stated insights prepare you for that SEO trends in 2019. However, for more detailed information on the upcoming trends, you can check out our blogs.

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