Companies Adopting Digital Marketing Strategies to Survive – COVID-19

Companies Adopting Digital Marketing Strategies

Author : Smartladders | Date: June 24, 2020

Modern Problems require Modern Solutions. Given the fact that COVID-19 has become a massive hurdle for organizations all around the world, the business should revamp their marketing strategies altogether. 

Nevertheless, some of the organizations have embraced these new conditions, unlike others who are finding it quite challenging to implement a changeover, making them more vulnerable in the current scenario.

The pioneers who accepted the changes are now leading the world in constructing a bright and revolutionary future.

What has COVID-19 cost the businesses?

Almost all the businesses have been affected by the pandemic. However, smaller startups with low reserves & companies that relied on direct interactions with their clients have borne the brunt of such a grave crisis.

The startups always depended on growth spurred by word of mouth referrals & their outstanding service reputations. They now have to confront vast amounts of losses prompting them to cut their marketing costs instead of exploring new productive options which in turn, has kicked off a damaging “trickle” effect on larger B2B companies that serve these smaller companies.

To benefit from digital marketing. Companies just need to change their approach towards their audiences.

How to switch a business online?

Ever since the pandemic began, no one knows which companies are still in business and where to spend their money.

It’s high time that the affected businesses should become a digital provider by interacting with their customers through social media profiles.

Interacting with customers

The primary step is to start communicating with the customers and keep it going.

  • Send an assurance mail. Any business whose product /service has been affected should inform the customer, via mail, of the new operating procedures.
  • Highlight COVID-19 changes through the newsletter. Companies should notify the subscribers about the changes due to the COVID-19.
  • Reach out on Social Media. Social Media posts can reach out to non-subscribers of the newsletter.

Enhancing the company website

Now is a propitious time to boost the company’s profits. Hence, inbound marketing strategies should be adopted.

For example:

  • Announcing on the homepage that it’s business is still open and including an FAQ link to enrich the customer with all the new information.
  • Updating old databases of products and offering discounts to boost sales.
  • Setting up an e-commerce system.

Since big players like Amazon etc. are finding difficulty in coping up with the huge demand, customers will eventually turn towards the independent businesses for their immediate needs.

Setting up SEO Marketing

One on hand, almost half of the consumers, have responded in a poll that they would avoid malls & shopping centres whereas, on the other hand, SEO has become one of the trending marketing strategies. It’s time to invest heavily in SEO by

  • Designing and publishing trust-building content. Since customers have become more cynical, Brand messages need to be crafted carefully to reassure the consumers of the company’s trust.
  • Proactively managing the corporate web presence. Updating the product availability, keeping the Google My Business page current, monitoring traffic sources, and keeping customer data secure helps in creating the image of a trustworthy business, which is a significant factor concerning Google. 

Building a social media presence

Since people spent more time on social media nowadays, now is the prime opportunity to grow business accounts by putting out useful content that doesn’t aim for a hard sell. It can be done by:

  • Sharing useful, productive tips
  • Posting humorous content
  • Building a strategic partnership with an influencer

This can benefit the company even after the lockdown ends.

Creating advertisement campaigns online

A single digital campaign is worth many big marketing budgets!

Smart Bidding

Inserting ads in search engine results for their chosen keywords through Google Ads & social media ads have benefited the advertisers highly with much less effort.

Content Marketing

Feeding people with interesting and insightful blogs, infographics, videos and other content will result in increasing the brand’s trust and reach in the market.


Since coupons are the best way to attract customers, providing customers with coupons by using dedicated services like EasyPromo and Woodbox.

Shifting daily operations online

By using tools such as Zoom, Skype, etc., sales teams can take orders & support customers. Webinars can be held to educate clients, and also the staff’s knowledge level can be increased by availing highly affordable online courses.

How can this cutting edge technology enhance your business?

In times of such a crisis, instead of cutting down on marketing costs, companies should double it up and take advantage of the new popping opportunities.

Online shopping is not going to stop anytime soon & even after the stores reopen, they will follow the newly adopted ways of selling and engaging with customers.

By the time of pandemic is over, everyone will ultimately realize that digital marketing can build a hero even from a zero!

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