Changing Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

May 24, 2023
Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Its already past half the year and it has been an excellent year for the digital world. It has witnessed a lot of digital gradation, the Instagram rise in user engagement, Facebook’s organic search got revived with exclusive tweaks, Google taking a significant take with AI-related stuff and so on. Which has made the digital world a big part of every brand’s media and advertising plan. With the help and reach of the usage of smartphones and internet, people are more open to the internet and social media. Some particular nuances and trends are changing the digital world in 2018. Some are as follows those are the latest digital marketing trends that you can’t ignore in 2018


AR featured via social media

Since we are so much open to smartphones, internet and applications which are integrated with AR every brand are tend to use AR for better consumer engagement.

Say for instance using the location it’s comfortable and practical to trigger sponsored AR content, and this tech idea will be implemented in all social media platforms and in many more ways to connect and engage with consumers.


Influencer market into a Toss

In the recent times, brands started to explore influencer market by pouring millions of dollar unaware of the alternative marketing options. This will get a new outlook by moving from influencer market to organic promotions.


Thinking from customer’s shoe

Data-driving marketing is the best way to market but to understand how the customer’s journey on every step of their purchase is very much essential to notice and to design your marketing plan according to this will fetch an excellent understanding of your customer and your brand.


Live video trend

The video will be the trend in 2018, but more of professional live video will get into the picture. Social media platforms are switching to live video culture by adding more features to it because they believe it’s a great medium to connect with their customers.


User interface

In the recent time’s conversational interactions via chatbots, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assitant, Microsoft’s Cortana are so much in practice with consumer’s routine life. This makes the whole process simple and easy for both the parties to buy and to sell a product or brand because it’s natural and interactive and its got a significant breakthrough in 2018.


Video marketing 

Video marketing exists from late 2000 however it has got into the limelight in the recent years due to its positive impact and influence in the market. Therefore, video marketing will remain a trend in 2018 with proper content to trigger website traffic, search engine rankings and user engagement.


Offline experience

In 2018 there will be no longer a line between digital and real-life experience, both will be seamless, and marketers will explore this in 2018.


Algorithms predicted

Machine learning algorithms and AI enables the business to predict and optimize the budget which is an excellent advancement for marketers to keep a track on.


Content marketing

Content marketing has broken the stereotype of thoughts of writing blogs and articles it has evolved with a lot more content strategies. With the adoption of more of video and voice search with AI and machine learning content marketing has got vital importance and features to make applications more interactive and enabling, with no doubt content marketing has reached the considerable part and will remain a trend forever.



Telling your brand story and to make people believe in it and to make them buy it you need to be more vivid.

There are no fancy calls to action. Indeed, there must be continuity to keep the name out in the community and to tell your story.

Stop focusing on the call to action but make sure you deliver value first, tell your story and portray your business in the best possible light with the productive trend.


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