App Store Optimization Checklist SEO for Mobile Apps

June 22, 2023
App Store Optimization SEO

Mobile has become the buzzword in this digital era that’s because the worldwide use of mobile internet has surpassed the usage of computers.

Nowadays it’s not only just about mobile browsing. These portable inventions has redefined the entire software industry, and Apps are the exclusive way to create popularity among the crowd. These mobile apps are targeted for both Android and iOS users, whereas Android users base is much more significant when compared to the iOS users but these iOS users are ready to pay for the quality apps therefore by either way it’s useful to explore the mobile App with so many marketers in the market, it’s becoming harder to make your app stay ahead in the market. This app store optimization (ASO) will help you to focus on and how to optimize, boost your app’s discovery, downloads, and ranking.

App store optimization is the most significant way to get app downloads. It contains multiple strategies with the target of increasing the chances of your app’s discovery through app store search, seamlessly increase your number of downloads, and to cast your app higher up the charts. To put it bluntly its SEO for mobile apps.

Optimizing your app to rank higher in search results requires a bit of trial and error to find the exact strategy for your app , if you are new to the idea of SEO for Mobile Apps and bit scared about the budget but you have the focus on what you need then that will help you to get through this ASO.

Keyword Tracking

The foremost thing you have to concentrate is on the “keyword tracking” the whole idea behind ASO is to make your app to pop up when users use certain words in the app store. Therefore, you need to search on all relevant keyword relating your app that you think people might search for so those keywords must be substantial in the product page.

Most of the apps are downloaded by searching through the app store that’s why keywords are relevant to focus on.

Creating general words like games, news, shopping, discount will have thousands of apps relating those words so to find the keywords which are relevant to your app will get you through out of the competition.

Market Research

Market Research has to be done in those earlier stages because its the vital thing for the business to know your target audience because they are the source we act on therefore we must know whom we are targeting why we target them, how to approach them and most importantly what they need. Also, you need to know your competitors for your better understanding of where you stand. Your USP matters a lot because many apps are prevailing out there, so you need to have your USP to answer the consumer’s question of why you?

App Icon and title

The first and foremost thing your users are open to is your logo; a better-designed logo can increase your download rates. So you must create a simple, catchy and appealing logo. Along with the logo, your title must be effortlessly pronouncing, use keywords and keep it simple and memorable, to avoid confusion with other brand and apps be more cautious, make it relevant for your product and identity and make it appealing to the global audience.

App Description

Utilise all the keyword targeting in your App description but keep in mind don’t stuff keywords use it in large in required areas and this description is to entice people who read it so mention how your app gives solution they are searching for.

App Category

Pick up your App category wisely because the category has to be relevant to your app but also consider switching to another semi-relevant category for better downloads.

App size

An important detail to note is your App size which would have a significant impact on your number of installs; people think twice to download an app considering its space. Therefore, it’s always good to have a second thought on the space your app will take up in the phone.

App Ratings and Reviews

There is a correlation between the app ratings reviews and downloads, so it’s always a healthy idea to ask people to review and rate your app for a smart move.


ASO is a process of using different strategies and analyzation of your app therefore with continuous refinement and optimization you will get an increase in the number of app downloads and your revenue.

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