A sneak peek on the features of marketing automation

May 23, 2023
Marketing Automation Features

Marketing automation software automates your marketing actions. In many marketing scenarios it’s necessary to automate their tasks like bulk emails, social media, and other channel actions. The marketing automation technology makes things easier and quicker.

Marketing automation software allows companies to produce relevant and highly personalized content to delight their customers. These automation tools generate positive revenue for your business. Also, it can create a distinctive identity.

Boost your brand identity

The practical way to grow your audience base is with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, by running your ads here who can reach your targeted customers.

Engage everyone and fetch new customers

Show them what you can offer them, random and frequent presence make them aware about your brand that doesn’t mean you always have to promote your business, all you have to do is get their attention; your greetings email also makes them aware about your product. Therefore, try to make frequent emails and messages to your audience thereby you turn them into customers.

Increase your selling count

Try out the automation tools to generate own revenue.

Bring your customers back to your site with your frequent ad display.

Remind your customers about their left behind the cart and encourage them to complete the order.

Customize your ads and notifications that would match their purchase and show them more related products.

Following up is the most important step to follow in any business, ask out for their feedback, shopping experience for better encouragement and so on.

Personalize your recommendation depending on their purchase history.

A lasting relationship with your customers

Marketing automation will help you to maintain a long-lasting friendship with your customers by reaching out to first-time shoppers or frequent shoppers by sending out notifications of discounts triggered by their search history.

Get your customers back

Get back to your customers, re-engage inactive customers by creating individual emails and campaigns.

With marketing automation techniques, you can test various ways to get to your customers and mold your strategy according to the most successful ones. By doing this, you never miss out your customers nor stop exciting them. You can alter your strategy according to the results this will help in the major part of your business.

Tips to design Automated Emails

You can engage your customers with your automated emails, but it’s essential to automate it without losing authenticity. You can try out some automation tools where you have the option to send emails targeting a specific date, time and also customize the message that can resonate with your audience.

Abandoned cart strategy

Your audience gets distracted by some of the other videos that result in the abandoned cart, by sending consistent emails about the abandoned cart you can expect 20% of your customers clicking the link in the mail.

Retargeting campaigns

You may have a strong marketing strategy by displaying your ads in more number of platforms. However, unless you show them what they want in multiple avenues you are catching their attention, that’s where Google remarketing ads helps you to reach the customers who have shown interest in your brand or products, so thereby they will be brought back once they are ready to buy.

Combine abandoned cart and product recommendation

You can always notify your customers about their abandoned products during their earlier shopping that will remind them about the products they were searching for here you can also recommend them similar items thereby increase the chance of shopping.

Identify your best email automation  

These automated emails remind your customer about you and also, they improve the engagement. These emails are triggered by your customer’s action like filling out a form, subscribing for the mails or making a purchase.


Most of the customers don’t make any purchase during their first visit to your website, but they are potential buyers that’s where retargeting comes into the picture. Google remarketing ads can reach those shoppers across various platforms. By using automation tools, you can automatically generate lots of advertisements that can be displayed at the right time at the place.

Identify the profitable automation for e-commerce

Automation can increase sales ration, especially in the e-commerce business. These automation tools do the follow-up, abandoned the cart, bulk relevant emails, and much more. Its very much customizable and effective way to sell your stuff, there are many more options available that can boost and engage your audience.

Turning the customers to regular, frequent ones with automated campaigns

Gaining numerous customers, again and again, is not that easy it’s as tough as getting new customers to the website, you can always notify them with frequent and relevant campaigns according to their shopping history thereby you can change your customers into the regular customers.

Using retargeting emails turn window shoppers into your customers

Only about 5% of your customers add products to their cart while visiting your site. Research has shown they generate more orders when compared to the bulk campaigns. These emails are sent to the subscribers who have viewed your products. The most effective retargeting emails not remind the customers about their cart but also show similar products which have a high rate of more orders.

How this retargeting can help your business

When your audience visits your site search for some time and leaves without buying anything, this retargeting will notify them with your brand and will make sure they get back to your site again. It’s a long-term strategy; they are very specific they promote your best-selling products, follow up and advertise on your new collection and so on.

Built prosperous and customized relevant retargeting ads for your business

Create Google remarketing ads but make sure you got a plan, content, strategy, budget, and patience to start it. Your call to your customers should reflect in action. Not only the content, choose the images that can represent the quality of your brand that fit the ad space. By following these tips, you can experience the maximum conversion.

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