7 Instagram marketing mistakes you need to avoid

May 24, 2023
Instagram Marketing Mistakes

During the recent years, social networking has taken the world into its control and especially the image-posting concept is rapidly changing the trend.

You may wonder why marketers are curious to get Instagram followers? It’s because Instagram is not about just sharing or posting pictures it’s beyond that.

You might need some tips and tactics to make your Instagram work and do wonders for you, if you want to create your community and increase your sales funnel then you have to skip some common mistakes that often you tend to commit.

Never keep your profile on private.

This could be a minor mistake, but the impact is awful!

Making the account private will be suitable for personal accounts but not for the company accounts that are meant for the general public. If you are in the private mode, you shrink your opportunities and limits your contact which is not advisable.

You have to make sure that you are set to the public thereby you reach out to the mass market audience and be potential enough to have a hub of followers.

Don’t post irregularly and at off-peak timings

Consistency is the base for a brand or an influencer, by staying regular with your postings you become a habit to your followers you will be active among them. Therefore, avoid irregular schedule or postings and also avoid posting during off-peak times because you cannot expect high engagement if no one is online. So, keep in mind to post regularly at peak time where you can fetch more followers and establish your brand.

Low-quality images

It’s important to appear professional

Your audience is judging your brand, and its quality, the pictures, and videos you share have a significant impact on your brand and its quality, therefore, make sure you use high quality, relevant images without any odds in it.

Use Hashtags

Hashtag should be used in all your images thereby you make yourself easily searchable, but that doesn’t mean you have to write an essay on it, but instead make it short, relevant and exciting ones to acquire more attention.

Ignoring hashtags is the common mistakes many business and marketers do. Hashtag reaches to the audience in the community which creates a way for more potential customers. Therefore, posting a picture hashtag is the must.

Get to know your customer.

If you have a hub of followers, make sure you acknowledge them and follow them that doesn’t mean you have to communicate with each one of them but follow them know their interest and links thereby you get to know their likings, expectations and lot more which will help your business in many ways.

Don’t ignore the prospect of sponsored posts

The effective marketing strategies to gain exposure and huge followers is by sponsored posts, you need to identify the influential account with large number of followers that suits your targeted niche and demographics, followed by convincing those influential users to promote your product to their followers.

Sponsoring posts gain hundreds and even more of new followers in a short span of time, many successful marketers use this strategy to reach out to the maximum number of potential customers who are not in their list. You can make use of the social platform in the most effective and amazing way.

Respond to the user comments

User engagement is the important factor to build your value and the conversion rate. All these followers and tactics made to establish your brand and create the trust factor to your audience so by responding to their comments, queries you can earn their trust at the earliest, you can also leave the comments unanswered but that will be a sign of the value you provide you followers therefore make sure you respond most of the comments.

Be aware of these mistakes that should be avoided

These stated mistakes are minimal but the impact they create is enormous, so it’s a smart idea to take care of these

Don’t and increase your community in a better engaging way.

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