5 Social Media Tools Everyone should know

June 23, 2023
Social Media Tools

Technology is evolving every second, new social media tools and applications are constantly being developed in the market. Each new tool extends the reach of social media to a new set of audience by increasing the functionalities and abilities, with different number of social media automation tools out there in the market it’s pretty tough to pick the best ones out so here we have mentioned few tools which are used extensively in common by most of the companies.


The buffer is a well-known tool and used extensively in the market to manage all the social media accounts using their simple and easy dashboard. In buffer, you can schedule posts across different social media platforms. You can customize each post for each network. This tool offers you the basic analytics which gives you the privilege to analyze which content you post performs the best.

The buffer is widely used due to its easy to use nature. They also provide the most cost-effective plans for those who are new to the automation.

They have customized a cost-effective plan if you are looking out for social media automation tool you can check out them.


CoSchedule is more than a social media automation tool; it’s a content management platform which allows you to create a marketing calendar for all your social media posts and blogs. You have the option to sync applications like Google Docs, WordPress to consolidate all your content related efforts into a single platform. This will be an excellent option to optimize your content marketing strategy and implementations. CoShecdule has comprehensive content management by allowing you to manage marketing campaigns, blog posts, email marketing newsletters, landing pages and many more.

They have a variety of plan fitting your need and cost you can choose accordingly.


HootSuite has the facility of connecting a large number of social media networks in their dashboard they offer social listening, scheduling, and analytics they also coordinate and manage contests and content curation. HootSuite is used for social media management for those who seek to optimize their social media engagements. It has a variety of features and can integrate other marketing efforts.

Their plans are exciting and have lots of features if you have many team members working on social media you can check out HootSuite for better social media efforts.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts across your social media networks it has other facilities like social listening, analytics among this one of the best comprehensive feature of Sprout Social is its analytics reporting, through which you can generate easy and simple understandable reports, it has the real-time communicative platform to engage followers from the main dashboard. Plans on Social Sprout is at a reasonable cost with robust features.


BuzzSumo is a research and monitoring tool, its functionality is to find content that is the most shared on social media, so you can enter your domain or any other to see what is being shared socially , you can find the influencers related to topics you can also get updates and alerts on keywords, links domain and also can track competitors to analyse based on their content , therefore BuzzSumo can scan the entire content prevailing and get you updates on what is shared socially and analyse it.

In particular social media automation tools helps in saving money, time and information across social media channels and engage your audience with your content since there are a lot of social media automation tools prevailing in the market it would be a great idea to choose tools that meet your requirement and needs. Many of these tools offer trial pack so you can trial one of those and get an idea of what they do and offer by using these opportunities you can find the tool that provides the features which you are in need.


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