5 New Features in Facebook Ads Manager

May 24, 2023
Facebook Ads Manager Features

Facebook has got the maximum of marketers to invest in the Facebook advertisement because the database of Facebook is more than 1.18 billion on an average each person uses Facebook, messenger, and Instagram for more than an hour in a day.

In the recent times, Facebook has got much attention. No matter who your audience is, irrespective of their age, gender, the area you can still reach them through Facebook Ads. Therefore, marketers started using Facebook Ads which made them ask frequent questions on how to create, manage and analyze the Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Manager is an excellent tool, offering everything you need to optimize your ads and deliver successful campaigns.

Get started: start running Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard

Click the drop-down on the upper right corner of the Facebook page and choose “ Manage Ads” you will be directed to the Facebook Ad Accounts page where you can have a quick overview of your ad account

Create Ads using Facebook Ads Manager because Facebook has included five new features which hold the ability to include Overlays, Stickers, Logos, etc. which makes building Ads on Mobile easier

After the inclusion of this new features, advertisers can use the tools like text overlays, stickers, logos or color filters.

Facebook has also introduced image cropper and a text policy checker that alerts the advertiser if the amount of copied factor in the Ad exceeds Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

Facebook wrote, “The Ads Manager app has been our mobile solution for advertisers since 2015, empowering you to create and monitor ads anywhere, anytime. Today, we’re introducing a new suite of creative tools for the Ads Manager app that makes it easier to build compelling ad content right from your mobile device”.

The creative tools include:
Text Overlay & Text Policy Checker:The text overlay feature allows you to incorporate text within your ad. Here you can select preferred fonts and adjust text’s positioning, added the text policy checker would alert you when the amount of text in the ad exceeds Facebook’s guidelines.
Image Cropper:The image cropper feature allows you to crop images thereby its made easy for you to crop and fit the images in your ads and Page posts.
Templates:The templates feature consists of ad templates with stickers, text, and shapes which is fully customizable thereby you can make your creation more efficient.
Shapes, Stickers & Logos:The shapes, stickers and logos feature enables you to add your brand’s logo, stickers, and shapes to customize your ad and showcase important information about your business.
Color Filters:The color filters will allow you to adjust the colour variations of your ad by adding color filters.

Start making Ads on a Single Go and meet your customers with the compelling and exciting Ads using these creative tools.

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