4 Important Predictions on the Future of Digital Marketing

May 23, 2023
Future of Digital Marketing Predictions

Since Digital Marketing has taken the complete control over the customer contentment and the Industry experienced a growth of 40% in the year 2016. Mobile has been one of the major element to drive traffic and it also manages about half of the web traffic. The rapid rise in the marketing is influenced by the Innovative Technologies which has been the factor for rising in the web traffic day by day.

This modern technology is meant to attract the potential customers constantly for a rapid growth by setting up personalized design for every visitor. If you want to stay ahead of digital marketing which is going to be the future of marketing, you must be aware of these predictions for the future of digital marketing that every business and digital marketing agency should expect in the future of Marketing.

Customised Websites for Distinct Consumers

Customized Websites for Customization has become an inherent part to produce quality marketing that yields lots of traffic to your website. This feature is yet to implement by the website owners to provide personalized web pages for the specific users. The websites will be tailored to particular users to enhance the responsiveness and also to provide better interaction between the consumer and marketers.

The technology will get developed to monitor the visitor’s activity on the website like their previous pages visit the website, use of cookies and their time spent on each page. These factors will help to make the visitor to find exactly what he/she looking for on the website. The widely used websites like Facebook and YouTube already have implemented personalization feature which is keenly expected to launch by the website owners in the upcoming years.

Going Mobile or Mobile Marketing

Now the browsing can be done at any time and anywhere, a hand-held device made a revolution in the market with more than 70% of browsing done through personal Mobiles. Since the number of smartphone users has increased massively which is a huge bridge for the digital professionals to promote their brands through various online marketing strategies. The digital ads are customized to target the right audience through the mobile medium as videos and Strong visual concepts.

Location Based Marketing
Location-based Marketing has seen tremendous growth in the year 2016, marketers can leverage customers through real-time data to better target consumers. Nowadays, whenever an app is downloaded it opts for location permission where the marketers have chances to campaign customers and the brand location. Since many start-ups are beginning to improve their advertising efforts through location focused campaign where the future marketing will turn into location-based technology that engages Customers.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing is a kind of marketing where promoting the brands in other most visited websites called as affiliated websites. Currently, the result-oriented strategy to acquire more traffic and for every single lead from affiliated site to the website, the marketers have to pay commission to the affiliate website’s owner. Marketers gain more reach through this Influenced Marketing where one website recommends the services or products on another website.

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