3 most essential trends in digital marketing to watch out in 2019

May 23, 2023
Digital Marketing Trends 2019

This year has been expected to be the best year for digital marketing by many marketers. However, the trends have been increasing year by year. Hence there are more statements to justify the prophesied trends in 2019s. Especially over the past few years, we have witnessed significant shifts in conventional digital marketing it’s no longer famous as they were in 2015.

With an in-depth analysis of marketing flow in 2018, below are a few trends that we should concentrate in 2019.


Offline marketing

Digital marketing became a big hit and revolutionized the marketing sector; there are many reasons behind its success that includes the broad and easy reach of the internet, the ability to target and reach a specific audience. Moreover, also, everyone wanted an innovation.

It is noticed that after the influence of digital marketing, Online shopping has significantly increased, which resulted in the prediction of a rise in the global retail e-commerce sales which was $1.2 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion by 2021. The number of online users and services online has also increased significantly there are many possibilities to beat the online sales prediction of $4.5 trillion by 2021.

While we celebrate this growth, we also have witnessed the drop in offline marketing, after the influence of online marketing the previously used offline marketing has become outdated. Few companies still send printed newsletters to their customers because they believe marketing is all about personal and relevant, having said that it doesn’t mean in 2019 you should start sending a printed newsletter, but instead many such uncommon marketing tactics are left behind in the name of digital transformation. Let’s explore some of these creative ways in 2019.


Socially beneficial marketing

Investing in society has a good effect on your business. The world has changed and gotten worse in recent times if this continues the world will face even more horrible situations in the future. This immediate need for a social-minded business is appreciable, in 2019 we can expect more firms to enter partnerships to address some of the social issues, which is an excellent initiative. Always social responsibilities double your businesses because, in a world full of needs, businesses who invest in addressing social issues are more visible. This social responsibility can be a reference to the socially active mindset and for your products too. In either way, it’s useful and helpful.

Last year many organizations believed in this socially beneficial marketing and acted upon it, I hope this year will be an excellent platform for addressing the issues, and many more businesses would come forward to venture the socially responsible business.

Blockchain will take over

In the last few years, blockchain has left many awestruck and worried too. Blockchain in digital marketing is not fully understood in the marketing spheres, but with all due respect and optimistic view on the blockchain, 2019 is going be the year that utilizes the disruptive technology to the fullest.

Blockchain in search engine marketing will eliminate the middleman like Google and Facebook

Using blockchain, the advertisers would know their clicks are genuine, and the amount they are paying is worth.

With blockchain, the businesses attain a new level of transparency. Every detail is documented, verified and analysed.

The consumer’s data is under control instead of being vulnerable to multiple servers.

Increasingly companies are taking over this new technology into their business, the blockchain in marketing can eliminate all the third parties and involve only the advertiser and the consumer.

However, all these adoptions of blockchain in marketing will not happen in one year, but you can witness the initial steps in 2019.

The marketing sphere is not going to undergo a massive change in the near future. However, the current trends are likely to shift their focus, considerations, and investments. 2019 will witness many new shifts in the trends and innovations in marketing.


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