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Social media marketing is probably the most common digital marketing format. The basic idea behind promoting your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or any of the other wide ranging social media profiles is common knowledge. However, being such a widely used forum, utilising it efficiently for the promotion of your brand requires more skill.

An important aspect of SMM is SMO (Social Media Optimisation). Much like Search Engine Optimisation, SMO in turn is used to drive traffic to your website, in turn increasing the possibility of engagements.

The anticipated outcome of SMM is to get your content shared by your target audience through their network of contacts, building your brand in the process. Smartladders has dedicated Social Media personnel to come up with engaging content and use the right channels to get the best results.

The advantage with Social Media platforms is that the channel of communication is more accessible between brand and consumer. Feedback is immediate and two way when compared to other marketing platforms. Smartladders recognises the importance of this open line of communication between the audience and the brand itself. Also known as social CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) and can improve your brand and customise it to suit your target audience.

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