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Search Engine Marketing is a related term to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and originally came encompassed both organic (unpaid) and paid practices to increase a brand’s awareness across SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Due to the gradual increase in importance being given by SERPs to SEM, the digital marketing field has made it a separate entity to pay heed to while looking at building your brand.

Under SEM, any good digital marketing person will make sure to suggest you go in for SEO as well, as the organic push will help utilise the budget you set aside for your SEM more efficiently.

At Smartladders, we ensure your brand visibility through both SEO and SEM and navigate one to better manage the other! We can bring your organic search at a high enough place so that the Paid Advertisements are not bleeding your funds unnecessarily while structuring it so that the right audience is clicking on your Advertisements.

Another name for SEM is pay-per-click ads and they came in a couple of formats that each have their own merits. You can refer to them as networks, like the search network or the display network. There is also the product based paid advertisements that is for product placement advertisements specifically, also known as PLAs (Product Listing Ads). Using the right SEO along with SEM can enhance your brand/product information and awareness. Ratings, branding and other details can easily be displayed using these practices making it easier to gain a customer base.

Of course, all this is just the basics and require the help of professionals to put this into effect and that’s where we come in!

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